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Custom Festoon

Custom festoon ~ any length ~ any spacing ~ the freedom to create exactly what you design.

Cable + holders + lamps = your unique festoon

Typical uses : gardens, chicken sheds, signs, fascias, temporary lighting and the entertainment industries.

This is how simple it is…

  1. Decide the length of festoon cable you're going to use. (Metres)
  2. Choose the number and type of festoon holders you require, BC for bayonet cap lamps or ES for Edison screw cap lamps
  3. If your festoon is for use outdoors add sleeves to BC holders or O rings to ES holders. If your festoon is for indoor use you don't need these.
  4. To assemble ; unscrew the holder from the base
  5. Lay the cable in the exposed slot and screw back up tightly
  6. Repeat for each holder
  7. Terminate the cable ends and that's it!

No tools or electrical knowledge are required to mechanically fix and electrically connect the lampholders to the twin cable, however the cable termination should  be completed by a qualified person.

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