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Festoon Cable for use with Beeantee lampholders

Arctic grade 6192P 2.5mm2 black Oval PVC festoon cable

For use with Beeantee Festoon Lampholders ~ not compatible with our interconnectable system

Minimum operating temperature -40°C / maximum operating temperature 70°C

Suitable for permanent outdoor installation
  • Reference Number
  • Nominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor
  • Nominal Stranding of Conductor (mm)
  • Approx. Weight  12.5Kg/100

Cable is sold on the drum of 100M or 50M lengths, also can be ordered here in increments of 10M

Quantity pricing favours drums over cut lengths, 3 x 100M drums gives you our best price.
Festoon cable should not be reused once pierced.


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